Custom Lounge Hightop and Service Area by R&R Construction FL

Feature: Sheehan Cadillac’s Luxurious Interior Renovations

Located in the picturesque Lighthouse Point in Florida, Sheehan Cadillac stands as a testament to luxury and sophistication. Recently, the dealership underwent a remarkable transformation, spearheaded by meticulous interior renovations executed by a team from RR Construction of Florida, a full-service licensed commercial general contractor.

“We were brought in to enhance various aspects of the interior, from the sales manager area, to service advisor stations, to the customer lounge space with built-ins,” shared Richard, president of RR Construction FL.

The project involved comprehensive renovations to a building that had been completely gutted. A pre-existing relationship with Mr. Sheehan, the dealership owner, paved the way for RR Construction FL to tackle the intricate finish work inside the establishment.

“The scope of the project was extensive, involving collaboration with designers and adhering to specifications mandated by General Motors,” noted Richard. “Commercial general contracting requires construction planning, schedules, and estimates that other types of construction may not need. There are more moving parts and the client usually needs to continue operations.”

The focal points of the renovation comprised four distinct areas, each meticulously crafted to embody elegance and functionality. The centerpiece was a custom-designed sales manager desk, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Constructed from finished Walnut, the desk boasted seamless detailing, achieved through the acquisition of a lengthy 14 foot veneer piece.

Adjacent to the desk, the customer lounge beckoned with its inviting ambiance. Adhering to Cadillac’s specifications, the lounge featured bespoke bar stools and sleek veneer finishes, meticulously protected with a satin clear coat.

R&R Construction FL Commercial General Contractor Built Custom Cabinetry for the Customer Lounge

Attention to detail extended to every facet of the renovation. The installation of electric components within the lounge necessitated precise framing, while a removable panel facilitated easy access for servicing.

The display units within the dealership were equally impressive, featuring LED lighting to accentuate merchandise and provide entertainment for patrons awaiting service.

“Every element of the renovation was customized to perfection,” affirmed Richard. “From the waterfall edge countertops to the high-gloss laminate finishes, coherence and quality were paramount.”

Merchandising Builtin in Customer Lounge - Commercial General Contracting by R&R Construction FL
Merchandising Builtin in Customer Lounge – Commercial General Contracting by R&R Construction FL

Notably, the meticulous attention extended to even the smallest details, such as ensuring uniformity in the color scheme. Locks on cabinets were precisely painted to match the laminate, guaranteeing a seamless aesthetic.

“These renovations epitomize our commitment to excellence,” concluded Richard. “The service advisor stations were modernized bringing them into a 2024 style. We take immense pride in delivering projects that exceed expectations, so we have satisfied clients.”

Fine Finishes and Lighting are a Trademark of R&R Construction FL
Custom Fine Finishes and Lighting are a Trademark of R&R Construction FL

Indeed, Sheehan Cadillac’s interior renovations stand as a testament to the fusion of craftsmanship and vision, form and function, and elevate the dealership into the luxury and sophistication that matches the Cadillac brand.

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