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Custom Carpentry Solutions, a Division of R&R Construction of Florida

Our company started as a carpentry business so it’s part of our DNA. From rough, to finish, to custom cabinet carpentry and trim, we do it all.

Our Experienced Skilled Craftspeople Deliver

  • Rough Carpentry: Study the dimension of your structure and measure, cut, and assemble the frameworks and supports. Also works with construction materials such as steel, concrete, and stone.
  • Framer: Builds the structure of the walls, floors, and roofs. Works with materials such as lumber, sheet wood, timber, and composite lumber.
  • Formwork: Supports the building process during construction by installing and maintaining temporary frameworks like scaffolding; forming foundations; wet concrete molding like curbs and sidewalks; creating forms for beams, columns, and staircases; and more. Our tradespeople work with wood, steel, concrete, and plastic.
  • Roofer: Roofing in South Florida requires more skill and knowledge than many other parts of the country. With hurricanes and tornadoes rafters, trusses, and beams must be built to code. Our roofers use the most durable selection of materials including wood, rubber, polymers, metal, and tile.
  • Cabinetmaker: Look at our custom cabinet built-ins, shelving, closets, changing rooms, and more and you’ll see how we focus on the finer details of woodworking and fine enclosures. Imagine all your drawers and doors closing like butter. Our custom furniture demonstrates our skill and attention to each feature of the finished product.
  • Finish (or Trim): We are known for our finishing touches installing moldings, door and window trim, doors, skirting, flooring, ceilings, and ornamentals.

Examples of our Work

To Learn More, Go To Our Custom Carpentry Solutions *division webpage, powered by R&R Construction.
*Divisions are Licensed by R&R Construction, a Licensed Certified Florida General Contractor.

Our Process

Our process is to be completely transparent from the beginning of your project all the way to the end. Here is the process you can expect when you work with our experts.

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